Kenna Miskelly
Graduate Student, Department of Philosophy, University of Victoria

Kenna is currently finishing her Masters in philosophy at the University of Victoria, working with Dr. Marsha Hanen.  She is studying the role that privacy plays in the ethical analysis of information technologies.  Specifically, she is examining the philosophical clarity and positive policy suggestions that result when the collective nature of privacy is recognized.  She is also working on a project that explores the role of anonymity on the internet; and a project that investigates the nature of identity, focusing on cultural genocide.  Prior to her MA, Kenna completed a double major in biochemistry and philosophy and worked for a few years in biochemistry and microbiology research labs.  After her MA is completed, she would like to continue on in applied ethics.  Her interests lie in examining the ethical principles behind social policies. 
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 "Biobanking: Preserving Patient Autonomy" presented at One Origin, One Race, One Earth: Genetics, Human Rights and the Next Phase of Human Evolution, University of Calgary, November 15-17, 2007 (with Marsha Hanen).
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Haste Makes Waste: Attending to the Possible Consequences of Genetic Testing