Punchscan Voting System Unveiled at National Press Club
(L-R: Aleks Essex, Jeremy Clark, Stefan Popovenic, Rick Carback, Ben Hosp, David Chaum)  
David Chaum's Punchscan, a high integrity voting system, was released last Thursday, November 2, at a press conference in Washington D.C. The Punchscan development team includes On the Identity Trail students Jeremy Clark, Aleks Essex, and Stefan Popovenic. This event marked the official release of version 1.0, which is now available for download under an open source licence from the Punchscan website. Punchscan is one of the most secure and transparent voting systems available. The research team is currently seeking schools interested in using Punchscan for a school election. Grants are available to cover the cost of ballot production.
The event also marked the announcement of VoComp, a collegiate voting systems competition. Student teams will design and implement election systems,and compete for a $10,000 prize to be awarded in July 2007.