National Security, Surveillance Technology, and Human Rights in Canada Symposium

On September 19th, 2007 from 11:30-1pm in room 147B of Fauteux Hall, the Law & Technology group at the University of Ottawa have dedicated the opening symposium of the Tory’s Technology Law Speaker Series to discuss issues that lie at the interface of national security, current surveillance technology and racial profiling. This multi-disciplinary symposium titled "National Security, Surveillance Technology and Human Rights in Canada” will examine the costs of social and technological changes aimed at ensuring “national security”. These include ethnic and religious profiling as a consequence of the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Passenger Protection Program (Canada’s no-fly list), and the implementation of ubiquitous surveillance technologies that threaten privacy and free expression.  The symposium will be conducted in a moderated open panel format open to questions from the audience.

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