Daphne Gilbert 







Daphne Gilbert
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law

Stream 2 - constitutional and legal aspects of anonymity

e-mail: dgilbert(at)uottawa.ca


Professor Gilbert teaches in the areas of criminal law, constitutional law and comparative constitutional law. She has done work in the area of internet service provider regulation in the criminal law context, in particular focusing on new international legislation that mandates cooperation between ISPs and government in the investigation of criminal offences. She has an interest in the ethics of compelling cooperation between private organizations and law enforcement and in the expectations of user privacy online.

Her background is suited to this project in its focus on the constitutionalized protection of online expression and privacy and the interaction between internet service providers, users/clients and law enforcement in a criminal law context.

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“The Medium and the Message: Personal Privacy and the Forced Marriage of Police and Telecommunications Providers” (2006) 51:4 Criminal Law Quarterly 469-507  (co-authored with Ian Kerr and Jena McGill)

"The Role of ISPs in the Investigation of Cybercrime", in Information Ethics in an Electronic Age: Current Issues in Africa and the World, ed. Thomas Mendina and Johannes Brtiz (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland Press, 2004. (co-athored with Ian Kerr)


"Seeking Equality Anonymously: Naming Names in Section 15 Litigation," presented at The Concealed I: Anonymity, Identity and the Prospect of Privacy, University of Ottawa, March 5, 2005. 

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