Jena McGill
LL.B. Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
Research Assistant to Professor Daphne Gilbert

Jena is a student in the joint LL.B/M.A. program at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts & Science degree with a minor in Political Science from McMaster University, where her thesis research focused on gender-based violence during conflict. She has a strong interest in equality and privacy rights, particularly as they relate to gender issues on a national and international scale.




“Emanations, Snoop Dogs and Reasonable Expectation of Privacy” (2007) 52:3 Criminal Law Quarterly 392-432 (co-authored with Ian Kerr) 

“The Medium and the Message: Personal Privacy and the Forced Marriage of Police and Telecommunications Providers” (2006) 51:4 Criminal Law Quarterly 469-507  (co-authored with Ian Kerr and Daphne Gilbert)

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 When Less is More: Privacy, Security and Civil Liberties from Johannesburg to Washington

“Where No Court has Gone Before…” Issues of Identity and Equality in Nixon v Vancouver Rape Relief