Krista Boa
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

Krista Boa’s research focuses on how particular conceptions of digital identity and technology-based identification systems, such as biometric passports and national ID cards, are formalised through public discourse, policy development, and technological   infrastructure and system design. Particularly, she is interested in the discursive construction of these systems and the digital identities they generate and use, as well as how these discourses (and the design of the systems themselves) transform conceptions of identity, anonymity, and privacy. Other related areas of study that inform her research include: security and border policy, surveillance, access to information, and legal and theoretical arguments relating to privacy interests in public. Her Masters thesis, “Smart Card, Weak Effort? Consultation in the Ontario Smart Card Project” (2003), examines and evaluates the OSCP’s consultation strategy using project records obtained through FOI requests.  Krista Boa is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto.
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Biometric Passports: A Response to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative? 
Smart Borders: A wholesale information sharing and surveillance regim