understanding the importance and impact of anonymity and authentication in a networked society
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Anonymity As a Way of Managing Stigma: The Case of Narcotics Anonymous PDF Print
a blog*on*nymity ID TRAIL MIX by Catarina Frois

I would like to take this opportunity to talk a little about the use of anonymity as a way of managing stigma, specifically in the case of the association known as Narcotics Anonymous. The saying “once a Junkie, always a junkie” used by NA members, is closely related to three ideas that I presently address: stigma, anonymity and addiction. Narcotics Anonymous are a non-professional self-help association conceived for individuals with drug-related problems. They follow a model known as the 12-Step program, consisting so many stages or principles which individuals must follow if they are to successfully engage in a process of abstinence from drugs instilling on members a “life philosophy” that will be useful to them in all the areas of life.

To read the rest of this piece, visit: http://www.anonequity.org/weblog/archives/000279.php
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